• Single Station Precision Glass Molding Machine-MD-315V

      Product Features:
    • Equipment features:

      * This equipment is suitable for precision optical lens molding; In a nitrogen or vacuum atmosphere, the glass is heated to a deformed state while applying pressure; Moulds are used to press the glass into the desired shape.

      * The equipment uses infrared heating device, can quickly heat the mold and maintain its temperature uniformity, can separately control the temperature of the upper and lower mold; Suitable for metal mold and ceramic mold, can be a mold one hole molding, can also be a mold multi-hole molding; Accurate position control via encoder; Accurate pressure control via pressure sensor; The multistage vacuum system can reach a vacuum degree of 0.6Pa, and can be formed under vacuum conditions to achieve glass molding on special surfaces such as flat and array surfaces.

      * molding process: in the pre - form closed molding chamber, vacuum, nitrogen filling (do not need to fill nitrogen when the vacuum forming), add heat to molding temperature, extrusion forming, with nitrogen cooling, open molding chamber, remove the lens after cooling to the set temperature.

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