• Fully automatic precision milling and grinding machine-CG3.0-AT

      Product Features:
    • Main features of the equipment:

      ★Suitable for processing sapphire lenses, all kinds of smart wearable lenses, flat lenses, and spherical lenses. The module adopts high-speed servo motors, with low noise, high precision, accurate positioning, rich equipment functions, and user-friendly operation;

      ★Automation: Automatically take and place the lens, automatically measure the thickness, and automatically repair the whetstone. Applicable to a variety of models, thicker lenses are automatically repaired twice, NG products are automatically classified, and only manual periodic inspections and replacement of cleaning baskets and grinding stones are required;

      ★High precision: After processing, the thickness of the center of the lens is automatically measured and the data is recorded, and the feed of the fixture axis is automatically compensated in real time to ensure the consistency of the curvature and thickness of the lens, so as to improve the yield of the lens;

      ★Humanization: simple operation, high safety, easy maintenance, flexible setting of parameters, friendly man-machine dialogue interface.

    Specification Parameters:

    serial number           project                 parameter value                          unit             Remark

    1 Lens processing range              Ф4-Ф40                         mm

    2      Lens Processing Curvature             ±R2.5--0

    3 Gripper shaft rotation speed           0-45                              rpm           CVT

    4 Movement amount of fixture axis              160                                mm

    5     Whetstone shaft rotation speed 500rpm~10000rpm                            CVT

    6     Lens pick and place method              XYZ manipulator

    7     Lens cleaning basket size 320x320x100                                     can choose

    8     Whetstone dressing method              XZ manipulator

    9      Whetstone size                    13x23x100                      mm

    10    using electric               1.5kw (three-phase 200V, 380V)                           user options

    11    Equipment Dimensions L1600xW930xH1680 mm

    12    equipment weight                        about 700kg