• Molding machine automatic loading robotic arm-MD17-36-F-V

      Product Features:
    • This robotic arm is designed to be used in conjunction with an aspheric molding machine, enabling automation of the feeding and discharging processes, as well as intelligent monitoring and alarm handling for mold damage, glass residue, and defective lenses.

      a. This equipment offers flexible configuration options for the mold and tray specifications, allowing it to be compatible with various machine models and trays.

      b. In terms of mold and finished lens appearance, a visual system is employed to intelligently detect mold contamination and lens breakage, preventing damage to the mold during subsequent molding operations.

      c. When arranging the finished products, they can be placed in separate trays according to the mold number and can be independently labeled for easy differentiation.

      d. A wide range of options for picking and placing functions are available, suitable for different molds, lenses, and process requirements. For example, there is a feature to temporarily stop and hold the operation to prevent contact between the upper and lower molds, reducing the risk of damage.

      e. The input molds can be marked, making it convenient to track the position and status of specific molds.

      f. The transfer system utilizes a transfer cylinder method, which minimizes secondary wear caused by mold transportation. Additionally, it coordinates with the XYZ axis, allowing separation of the input and discharge processes from the assembly axis, thereby improving efficiency and accommodating multi-hole picking and placing.

    Specification Parameters:


    Project distinction


    Detailed specifications


    Basic parameters

    power source

    Power supply: single-phase 220V; rated power: 2KW;

    Compressed air: 0.50MPa±5%, 45 liters/min;

    Mold specification

    Diameter: φ16~φ36mm; Height: 20 ~60mm;

    Scope of application: one mold and one hole (gripper + suction type, optional top pen device)


    2100(L)×1250(W)×2100(H) ; weight about 1500kg


    drive mode

    High precision electric cylinder cylinder

    High-precision electric cylinder and SMC cylinder


    Processing cycle


    Depending on the processing model


    Tray capacity

    finished tray

    One layer, can hold 23 small collars 140mm×90mm

    preform tray

    Circular layer, diameter 475mm can hold four 150mm×130mm

    Defective product tray

    Small collar 140mm×90mm


    Air purification

    FFU fan unit

    Realize the air repurification of the small environment of the equipment


    visual system


    Monitor the condition of molds and lenses


    Mold, lens and preform transfer


    Transfer of molds, lenses and preforms using pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic fingers, electric cylinders, error correctors and through-beam photoelectric sensors


    Environmental requirements


    30-60% , but no condensation


    Normal temperature 20-28°C, but no condensation