• Non-spherical precision molding press-MD8-90

      Product Features:
    • Device Features:

      ★ This equipment is suitable for hot pressing molding of large-diameter aspheric lenses.

      ★ This equipment can meet the production requirements of one mold and one cavity or one mold and multiple cavities.

      ★ The operating interface of this equipment is equipped with a capacitive screen and proprietary software with reserved customization and upgrade space. It has temperature abnormality alarm, cooling water, nitrogen, and compressed air abnormality alarms, and molding NG alarms. All alarm information is indicated by sound and light alarms, and recorded and stored. Electricity consumption, cooling water, and nitrogen are all equipped with flow monitoring systems and devices.

    Specification Parameters:

    NOProject distinction              content                                                               Detailed specifications

    1Basic parameters             power source      Power supply: three-phase 200VAC/40KVA, three-phase 380VAC/40KVA (optional) starting power: 37KW: operating power: 11~15KW

                                                          Compressed air: 0.55MPa±5%, 55L/min:

                                                                   Cooling water: 03MPa, 14~25L/min, 20±1℃

                                                                   Nitrogen: 0.3MPa±5% (purity 99.999%), 14~24 liters/min, oxygen content ≤2ppm

                                                                   Diameter ф16~ф90mm: Square: 85mmx85mm

                                                                   The allowable height range of the total height of the upper and lower mold cores (including the preform): 22mm~68mm Scope of application: one cavity for one mold, multiple cavities for one mold

                                Mold specification Maximum working temperature700°, 750°C (optional) heating time is less than 15Min

                                        Dimensions 2032(L)x1584(W)x2090(H); Weight about: 1200kg


    2Mold transfer              transfer                  Mold transfer by air cylinder and high-precision electric cylinder

    3Environmental requirements             cleanliness          Below class 10000 (recommend below class 1000, or place 100 class FFU on the operating platform to ensure local cleanliness)

                                environment humidity           30-60%, but no condensation

                                ambient temperature           22℃±3℃, but no condensation

    4Vapor Specifications   Upper vapor chamber size   120mm(L)x100mm(W)x10(H)

                               Lower vapor chamber size   120mm(L)x108mm(W)*10(H)

                               Vapor Material            Alloy plate, ceramic plate (optional)