• Ultra precision single point diamond lathe-Nanosys-T300

      Product Features:
    • Equipment features:

      * This machine is an ultra-precision 3-axis CNC machine tool; Suitable for optical lens, infrared lens, precision mold core and other precision mechanical parts, the main application direction infrared lens processing, aluminum copper mirror processing, mold core processing, etc.

      * The equipment adopts natural granite structure, with excellent thermal stability and shock absorption ability; Automatic leveling air isolation system; The computer system is configured with 64-bit Windows7 Professional Edition; Control system based on Power UMac motion controller development control system; Programming resolution 0.01 nm (straight line) / 0.0000001 ° (rotation).

      * Surface accuracy (P-V) : 0.3µm / ⌀70mm; Surface roughness (Ra) :≤4nm.

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