• Automatic Ink Coater (Hopper Type)-KDPT-AT-Ⅳ

      Product Features:
    • Equipment Features:

      ★ The equipment is fully automated, equipped with a three-layer hopper.

      ★ The lens to be coated is placed on the tray, and the retrieval and placement of the lens are manually performed.

      ★ The automatic ink coating device is used to coat the lens, significantly reducing the need for manual labor in the ink coating process.

      ★ It is characterized by high precision, reduced manpower, and ease of operation.

    Specification Parameters:


    X-axis travel: 350mm

    Y-axis travel: 400mm

    Z1-axis travel: 50mm

    Y1-axis travel: 100mm

    White plate size: 230mm x 230mm

    Black plate size: 275mm x 375mm (for both unfinished and finished products)

    Square ring or general plate can be used for the unfinished product tray

    Applicable range: +3mm to φ40mm

    Overall dimensions: 1500mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 1700mm (H)