• Dual-Station Automatic Gluing Machine-AGP-2-221A

      Product Features:
    • Equipment Features:

      ★ The machine features dual-station gluing, occupying a small footprint while achieving high processing efficiency. It utilizes a rotating mechanism for the material tray, allowing for tray replacement during processing, reducing idle time and improving production efficiency.

      ★ The dispensing syringe adopts a sealed structure to ensure that the adhesive remains unchanged over a long period of time. It also has a reminder function to add adhesive when the remaining quantity is insufficient.

    Specification Parameters:


    1、Machine axis specifications: X-axis: 200mm; Y-axis: 200mm; Z-axis: 100mm

    2、Repeatability: +0.01mm

    3、Material tray: 90mm x 130mm, single side, two sets in circulation (adjustable according to customer requirements)

    4、Applicable range: 3mm to φ20mm (customizable based on material tray size and customer requirements)

    5、Power supply: 220V; Power: 1kW

    6、Compressed air: 0.45MPa

    7、Dimensions: 1150mm (L) x 650mm (B) x 2100mm (H)