• Automation Transformation of Core Extraction Machine

      Product Features:
    • Equipment Features:

      ★ Stable performance, aesthetic appearance, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.

      ★ The equipment offers flexible settings for tray specifications, making it suitable for processing different trays for multiple machine types.

      ★ All processing parameters can be set on the touchscreen (such as position, speed, time). Moreover, all parameters have power-off memory function, and important parameters are password protected.

      ★ The status of the system's I/O can be viewed in real-time on the touchscreen, facilitating quick troubleshooting by maintenance personnel.

      ★ This automation transformation project has been awarded a national utility model patent certificate and a design patent certificate.

      ★ Patent number: ZL201320624990.7 (utility model) and ZL201530194400.6 (design).

      ★ Our company undertakes the business of automated transformation for manual core extraction machines.

    Specification Parameters:

    Automation Transformation of Times Core Extraction Machine

    Automation Transformation of Guangjin Core Extraction Machine

    Automation Transformation of Xiangnan Core Extraction Machine