• Automatic lens assembly machine

      Product Features:
    • Equipment features:

      ★ The automatic lens assembly machine utilizes a robotic arm to pick up lenses and components and place them in the specified positions for assembly. After assembly, the assembled unit is moved to undergo UV bonding and curing, and then returned to the material tray.

      ★ The machine also performs image processing on the components, detects plastic injection points, and corrects angles for assembly. The packaging box is handled by the operator.

      ★ This equipment has obtained a national utility model patent certificate.

      ★ Patent number: ZL201620317781.1

    Specification Parameters:

    Mechanical configuration:

    Cartesian robotic arm for moving components

    XYZ (3-axis) control system for assembly

    13 axes correspond to 12 components, each axis with independent alignment

    Equipped with visual assistance and operated through a LCD touchscreen

    Placement tray: Maximum of 12 components such as lenses, lens barrels, spacers, etc.

    Assembly tray: Contains assembled lens barrels with a rotating correction mechanism

    Power supply: AC380V ± 10A

    Environment: Equipped with efficient filtering device and anti-static device, air pressure of 0.5-0.6 MPa

    Anti-static: Equipped with an anti-static device

    Vacuum: Vacuum pump for suction purposes

    UV bonding device: Allows high-precision application of UV adhesive, with illumination for curing. Device dimensions: 1150 x 1050 x 2000 mm

    Angle detection device: Uses a CCD camera to detect the position of the injection point on the lens and perform angle correction

    Weight: Approximately 550 kg