• Four-axis Centerless Precision Grinding (Polishing) Machine-SSP-4

      Product Features:
    • Equipment Features:

      ★ Processing object: Spherical surfaces.

      ★ Processing method: Single piece or multiple pieces assembled into a disk.

      ★ Control mode: Independent control of each axis.

      ★ Swing arm movement mode: Quasi-spherical swing.

      ★ Pressurization method: Pneumatic pressurization.

      ★ Supply mode: Automatic cycle.

    Specification Parameters:

    Number of main axes: 4

    Swing arm movement mode: Left and right swing

    Processing diameter of lenses: 1-30mm

    Processing radius of lenses: Concave-convex B1-R50mm

    Fixture hole size: M16x1 (customizable by the customer)

    Spindle speed: 50-2800rpm (infinitely variable)

    Swing speed: 40cpm/min

    Allowable rotation angle of the main axis: -60° to +60°

    Supply pressure: 5kg/cm² (air pressure should not exceed 9.9kg/cm²)

    Power supply: 380V 3-phase (customizable by the customer)

    Main spindle: 0.18kw - 4 sets

    Swing axis: 0.025kw - 4 sets

    Required power: 1kw (with heated water tank)

    Dimensions: 1350mm x 750mm x 1750mm

    Machine weight: Approximately 400kg