• Six-axis oblique axis grinding machine-KD-6系列

      Product Features:
    • Equipment features:

      ★ Processing objects: Spherical, flat surfaces

      ★ Processing modes: Single-piece, multi-piece into a disk

      ★ Main spindle rotation angle: Manual control, forward and backward rotation

      ★ Control mode: Three-axis linkage

      ★ Swing frame movement mode: Linear track or elliptical track

      ★ Pressure mode: Pneumatic pressure

      ★ Liquid supply mode: Automatic circulation, constant temperature heating (optional)

    Specification Parameters:

    Model: KD-6 ;KD-6-E; KD-6M

    Number of spindles: 6 Axes

    Swing frame movement: Linear track Elliptical track Linear track

    Lens diameter: Medium 20-120mm Medium 20-120mm Medium 10-60mm

    Lens edge radius: R20~ R20~区 R10-

    Fixture hole size: 11/8 (10 teeth/hour) Medium 30 (0~+0.021)

    Main spindle speed: 250-2400rpm (infinitely variable)

    Swing speed: 33.50cm/min

    Axis spacing: 220mm 220mm 180mm

    Main spindle rotation angle: 0-35 degrees

    Supply pressure: 5kg/cm² (air pressure should not exceed 9.9kg/cm²)

    Power supply: AC380V 3Phase (optional, as per user order)

    Main spindle power: 1.5kW-2 sets 1.5kW-2 sets 1.1kW-2 sets

    Swing axis power: 0.4kW-2 sets 0.4kW-2 sets 0.4kW-2 sets

    Required power: 4kW (5.5kW with heating) 4kW (5.5kW with heating) 2.8kW (4.3kW with heating)

    Dimensions (LxWxH): 2150x1020x1700mm 2150x1020x1700mm 1850x970x1700mm

    Machine weight: Approximately 650kg Approximately 650kg Approximately 550kg